Scott Stapp has gotten past his rough patch and the Creed vocalist has been speaking of late about his desire to reunite with his bandmates to create more music. "I love the guys with all my heart and if they're watching, 'Come on guys, let's make a record," stated Stapp during a recent appearance on the Dr. Oz TV show. But Stapp's Creed bandmate Mark Tremonti is giving the impression that while he has talked with the vocalist, a reunion or recording is something that will definitely not happen right away.

Speaking with Billboard, Tremonti revealed that his own schedule is quite full at the moment and even if a Creed reunion were to occur, it would have to fall within a certain timeline behind the projects he already has in the works.

"I don't want to confuse anybody," said the guitarist. "I just know I'm so busy right now with so much stuff coming out, the next year, year-and-a-half would be very difficult for me." Tremonti just released the Cauterize album with his self-titled band earlier this year and is eyeing spring of 2016 for its follow-up Dust along with touring in support of that album. In addition, his other band Alter Bridge have their sights set on working on a new album next year as well. “Not that I want to or not want to do anything," says Tremonti. "It would just have to be the right time."

As for Creed, there is something on the horizon. Stapp is reportedly working with drummer Scott Phillips on compiling a Creed retrospective that's expected to arrive in November. However, Tremonti feels that the retrospective would be better served to arrive in 2017 rather than later this year as it would mark the 20th anniversary of their My Own Prison album.

"The world doesn't need any more music out of this camp for the next few years after this year," says Tremonti of his busy schedule. "So another Creed album would just be overkill."

Tremonti are currently in the midst of a U.S. tour with European dates to follow. To see where the band is playing, click here.

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