At some point this season, you've probably thought the same thing.

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram is loyal for life when it comes to his alma mater, and he has now weighed in on the idea that Saban's Crimson Tide could actually beat an NFL team.

I've always held the belief that no matter how good a college football team is, only a small fraction of even the best teams actually make it on the roster at the next level. The speed of the game in the NFL would overwhelm a majority of even the best players at the highest college level.

When asked Mark Ingram what he thought about Alabama's chances against an NFL team, he had an interesting viewpoint. Ingram and I agreed on one major point: "Even the worst team has the best players from every college."

We were more physical, take your will from you (when I played). How they spread it out, run and pass it around (now), would have a better chance. Our best team would win more than one game. Sixteen weeks with an Alabama team and Coach Saban? We’d win at least once. I can’t say we’d whoop on the worst teams in the league, but we’d win.

Ingram makes a really good argument here. One game? Probably no chance to win, but a season of games and adjusting to the speed of the NFL? I can totally see this Alabama team stealing a game from an NFL team on a bad week.

Do you agree? Chime in and tell me what you think.

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