Mark Hughes was incorrectly identified by police as a person of interest in the Dallas shooting and wants to clear his name.

Last night when we reporting facts about what was unfolding in real time, a tweet came across from the official Dallas Police Department Twitter account in conjunction with a press conference held by the police chief.

The photo on Twitter and on television screens showed a person of interest who was seen holding a rifle over his shoulder at the protests.

Twitter, Dallas PD
Twitter, Dallas PD

That man's name is Mark Hughes—but the only problem is video shows that Hughes proactively handed that rifle over to police once shooting began and even offered help to the officers in clearing the streets and getting civilians to safety.

But by the time his photo was seen via local and national media outlets, it was already too late.

We received a phone call that my face was there on a suspect and I immediately flagged down a police officers

Even though he has been questioned and released by police, Hughes has received death threats and fears for his life as a result of being incorrectly identified as a suspect in the fatal shooting of five officers.

A big reason for that is the fact that the tweet remained up for hours on the Dallas PD Twitter account after they cleared him.

Friday morning after 9 a.m. a tweet was sent out by the Dallas PIO confirming that Hughes was not a suspect or a person of interest in the attack.

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