This might be the most American thing to ever happen at a baseball game...and that's saying a lot.

Mariners pitcher James Paxton was standing with his hat in hand, covering his heart. The National Anthem playing. This was the home-opener for the Minnesota Twins. Of course, this calls for a little celebration.

The celebration included a bald eagle being let loose to soar through the air as the National Anthem played.

So, there's Paxton, standing in the outfield. The eagle first swoops near him as he turns his shoulder, landing on the ground near him. It takes off again, this time coming right for him.

He bends down, turning his back toward the eagle. It lands near his shoulder! It then pushes off and lands on the ground just in time for the anthem to be over. The trainer runs out to collect the eagle. Paxton puts his hat on.


While most people probably would have had a much wilder reaction to a bald eagle flying right at them (those birds are NOT small), James Paxton took it all in stride, and calmly let it all happen.

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