Marilyn Manson‘s dating life is a hot topic. A few months ago, an aspiring filmmaker announced that she was engaged to the shock rocker, which was news to the singer himself. Then a story began circulating that he was dating Canadian pop punk princess Avril Lavigne, which Manson has sort of refuted. Put simply: He’s bored with the not-so-creative rumors. He likes the out-there ones. While Manson says he isn’t dating the punk-pop princess, he does intimate that perhaps they had relations.

In a video chat with Entertainment Wise, the Antichrist Superstar said, “Yesterday I read that I was dating Avril Lavigne and I was like ‘F—, I wouldn’t do that, she’s Canadian. No offense to Canada.’” He did admit to the fact that he “accidentally shaved her head.” Lavigne did debut a shaved side of her head earlier this year, but we weren’t aware that Manson was the barber.

He continued, “You never know where these stories come from.”

Manson didn’t fully dispel the rumor, though. In fact, you might say that he actually added a little bit of fuel to the fire, saying, “Sometimes they have some sort of valid truth to them. Did I f— Avril Lavigne? Who knows…I can’t remember, no. Sorry, Avril!”

Manson continued to talk about the stories that follow him, bored with some of the notions. “Rumors, stories…I’m used to them. I got my rings removed. I was on the ‘Wonder Years.’ You know there’s a different story every day. I’m amused by them.”

So what amuses him the most? He said, “I find the creativity of them amusing. Sometimes I think they should be more creative. I’d like to read something unusual, like ‘Manson had to go to the hospital because he was trying to stuff his penis into a camera because he couldn’t find a lens.’ That would be something I would do.”

Get creative, rumor makers!

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