Is this normal?

A content creator, who may do anything for the views or clicks, has the internet debating one another over his hotel etiquette.

Darren Dowling posted a photo that shows his bed prior to check out and as you will see below, he strips the bed and ties up all of the liens.

He does this to ease the workload of those working in housekeeping, but many online are now saying that he is going too far prior to checkout.

Housekeepers have also weighed in on the photo below, and while they may appreciate Dowling's help here, they do ask that you never make the bed prior to leaving your hotel room.

I know people who do likewise, strip the beds, and they tell me that it is the right thing to do. I have been told that you should always leave a room like it was upon you entering it, thus clean up after yourself.


After the post went viral, here's what a few housekeepers had to say about Mr. Dowling's generosity.


Then others had some fun with how this man leaves the bed and many suggested he leave his hotel bed as such. Good idea?



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