His name is Tim and he is a legend.


B/R Walk-Off via Twitter
B/R Walk-Off via Twitter


College World Series Winner

At this point, it doesn't matter which team wins the baseball College World Series, Tim has already won it. Oh, on top of the chest hair bikini, or mankini, that he shaved into his chest hair, to really make it the most 2022 thing we've seen yet, he shotguns a White Claw!

While the mankini is a classic, it rarely gets the airtime like it did when Arkansas and Auburn played in an elimination game at the College World Series.

During the game, Tim was shown on screen, to everyone's delight. That's pretty average. During downtime, it's normal for the cameras to pan through the crowd.




As the game quickly became a blowout in favor of Arkansas, Tim seemingly took over the broadcast. Honestly, a genius move to keep people tuned in.

He even had fans of his own coming up to take pictures with him.



Shotgunning White Claw in a Mankini

Tim was even seated next to his fiancée, who said she loves it (the mankini) and him. He explained his simple decision to go for the mankini. He knew he was going to be behind the first base line at the College World Series and thought it would be fun to shave his chest hair like a bikini top. So, he did.

In case everyone watching, and everyone seeing the mankini around the internet didn't know, Tim enjoys an adult beverage. He proved that by shotgunning what appears to be a White Claw, then exclaims that it was, "like the fifth one." Five shotguns of anything but water in a 9 inning game is a good bit.



By the end of the night, social media made him a star. He even received a standing ovation on his way out of the stadium from those around him!

And that is the legend of Tim.

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