John Riccardi, the man convicted of shooting and killing Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro‘s mother Connie, is no longer on death row after the California Supreme Court reversed his death sentence.

According to, the court stated that the 76-year-old Riccardi was denied a fair trial after the judge “erroneously excused a prospective juror during jury selection.”

Riccardi was sentenced to death row in 1994 after being found guilty of murdering Connie Hopkins Navarro a decade earlier in 1983. After the crime, Riccardi went on the run and wasn’t captured until 1991 when a viewer tipped off TV’s ‘America’s Most Wanted’ about his whereabouts. In addition to Connie Navarro, Riccardi was convicted of killing her best friend Susan Marshall Jory as well.

During a 2004 episode of ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ Dave Navarro recalled that he was supposed to visit and stay with his mother the night of her murder, but at the last minute it was decided that he would stay with his father instead. “I really do believe that that’s some sort of divine intervention that I can’t explain,” said Navarro at the time of the interview.

Riccardi is among the oldest inmates on death row in California and his is the third death sentence case from Los Angeles County that the Supreme Court has thrown out this year.

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