When you try to steal your stolen car back, but the thief then steals your rented SUV, you're probably not having the best week ever.

According to the Lansing State Journal, after lending her car to her son, a woman's Lexus sedan was stolen from a gas station. The next day, while she drove around town in a rented SUV, she spotted her stolen vehicle.

After seeing her vehicle, she pulled into the parking lot and parked the SUV, blocking in her vehicle. She then got into her stolen sedan. Police believe she left the SUV running.

When the suspect, 18-year-old Jaysean Porter, exited the store at which the stolen sedan, and now the rented SUV were parked, he saw the woman in her vehicle.

He then ran for the SUV, hopped in and drove off in the rented vehicle.

Porter was stopped some 85 miles away from where he was last seen, and arrested. He was charged with unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle and carjacking.

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