A man in an orange shirt was seen removing tools from a truck while in the Home Depot parking lot in Lafayette.

The store, which is located off of the thruway in Lafayette, is working with police in hopes of finding the man who allegedly took a digital scale from the work truck.

The owner of Leblanc's A/C and Heating tells me that he ran into the store to get one product for a job when the man opened the toolbox on the truck and removed the tool used to weigh AC coolant.

The photo here was taken by a good samaritan who witnessed the man entering the truck and trailer. Unfortunately, she was unable to get a clear photo of the man's license plate., but she reports that he drove away in this tan S10 truck.

She waited for the owner of the truck to exit the store and that is when she showed him this photo which is attached.

If you recognize this man, Lafayette Police ask that you contact them at 291-8600. They would like to speak to the man seen in this photo.

LPD reminds everyone to lock their vehicles as they have seen an uptick in vehicle burglaries. The owner of Leblanc's A/C repairs says he was between jobs and that is why his toolbox and trailer were unlocked.

The owner of the company says that he is offering a cash reward to whoever helps police identify the man who allegedly broke into his vehicle and trailer.


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