A dramatic scene unfolded after a passed-out man was rescued from his car with the engine running at a Louisiana gas station.

According to WAFB, officials arrived on the scene of a Geismar gas station after getting a call about a fire at the TNT Express. Geismar Fire Chief Nat Stephens says the initial call they received was about a fire, but once there, it was realized by authorities that the unresponsive man hit another vehicle in the parking lot.

Jessie McNemar arrived on the scene before the officials and was able to capture video of the wild scene. As he rolled up, you could see smoke coming from an area of the TNT Express parking lot where a car had apparently crashed into another vehicle.


Not only did the vehicle crash into another car, but the engine was still running and the wheels were spinning at a high speed, causing the tires to burn out.


Soon, the tires go from smoking to flames erupting underneath the rear of the vehicle. McNemar is seen running to put out of the fire with an extinguisher from the store.


McNemar describes what led up to this point in the WAFB report.

Stopped by TNT express Gesimar on the way to work and noticed a car that was pushed into another car on my way out the store. Tried to make contact with the driver but he was non responsive and his doors was locked. Not long after, his foot hit the gas wide open and he pushed the other car sideways blocking the store front. Beings he was passed out with the throttle wide open the tires eventually shredded and lit fire. I was screaming for the store clerk to get me a fire extinguisher before the fire even happen. Then the car lit fire right as the clerk walked out the store with the fire extinguisher. I was able to put the fire out and used the weight of the extinguisher to bust the glass out, unlock his door to pull him out right as the police arrived. They got him out the car and was alive when they put him in the ambulance.

Authorities were able to take over as McNemar heroically smashed the glass and opened the door to the car. Firefighters were able to rescue the man who was then transported to a local hospital.

An update to the WAFB story revealed that deputies found heroin and drug paraphernalia when they conducted an inventory search of the vehicle prior to towing it.


The driver of the vehicle, 36-year-old Dexton Weber, was arrested and booked into the Ascension Parish Jail after being discharged from the hospital

Dexton was charged with operating while intoxicated - second, possession of heroin, and prohibited act - drug paraphernalia, according to APSO.

Read the full story and get more details here via WAFB.

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