This is a nightmare come true.

You know those moments that you fear. The kind that make you never want to go outside again because the real world is terrifying? This is one of those times.

This escalator in Turkey malfunctioned. The cause is unknown to me. Were there too many people on it? There did seem to be quite a lot of people riding this thing. You should always obey the escalator rules!

You've all heard the story of a shoelace getting caught in an escalator and sucking a person under it. That was my nightmare before. But now there's this. When the escalator breaks, it seems that the "steps" snap. A man tries to hang on, but ends up falling under where the steps used to be. Then they mow over him.

By the looks of it, since the video goes on for another minute and a half, it doesn't look good for him. A man jumps up and looks under where the man fell, but he moves away...seemingly not a good sight.

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