Do you still have all of the fond memories that people left you in your school yearbooks? Did you happen to go to school with anyone famous that left you a little something? How about someone that was famous for terrible things...When a man was going through his father's yearbook, he noticed a particular signature...Serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer! Check out what Dahmer wrote, the actual picture of it, and the father's memories of him after the jump!

jeffrey dahmer yearbook

According to Inquisitr, Jeffrey Dahmer wrote:

“To Ted, the most idiotic foolish person I know, but nice kid.  Jeff Dahmer”

While that sounds generic enough for someone to put that into someone's yearbook, just because it comes from him, there's something eery about that message. Here's what the father remembers of Jeffrey Dahmer while growing up:

“My father was a neighbor and friend with Dahmer all throughout school. Well, the friendship dwindled when they reached high school because Dahmer “became kind of weird then.” My dad was still a friend but not the kind that hangs out with him all the time. Probably one of the best judgments he’s ever made, despite his very confident claim that, “No no, Jeff wouldn’t have killed me.” My grandparents to this day say that Jeffrey was such a pleasant polite boy.”

Read the story about how apparently Dahmer's mother was a little off, and more at Inquisitr.

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