I certainly hope that one day this monstrously gigantic crocodile does decide to make this fella part of the snacks.

Obviously these two aren't strangers as you'll see. The second this mammoth of a crocodile knows the boat is coming, it immediately starts racing toward it to get some yummy snacks.

I'd sure hate to be the person just cutting through not knowing this monstrosity is thinking I've got food.

Seriously, look at this thing. It has to be around 36,000 years old right?

I'm not exactly sure what Country this is in, but I'm desperately trying to find out to make sure I never, ever go there.

Hopefully these two continue their chummy relationship and the guy feeding the croc doesn't actually become chum because, if this crocodile has a bad day there's going to be nothing the boater will be able to do about.

Oh and, please don't ever, ever do this please.

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