Rule #1 -- Don't be this guy.

A grown man was attempting to get a baseball autographed at the MLB All-Star Game, all while shoving and elbowing a young fan trying to do the same thing, and it was all caught on video.

Via: Jose Francisco Morales
Via: Jose Francisco Morales

The video below shows the entire altercation, and you can clearly see that the boy was against the barricade reaching out, while this man was a couple of people behind him, shoving his way to the front and squishing people and reaching out his baseball, yelling at whoever he wanted to sign it.

Watch this video and then we'll share the secondhand embarrassment together:

I won't lie: you never stop being a fan of whatever you're a fan of. Unleashing the inner child is good sometimes, but this is unacceptable behavior. You have small children in front of you, clearly excited to get autographs and meet their heroes. There is no need to 'run over' young kids to get that autograph.

Unpopular opinion: adults need to take the backseat to children when it comes to these situations. It should be common sense...but sadly, the definition of common sense has changed drastically over the years.

Again, don't be this guy. Ever.

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