There is only one word that can describe this story and that is "Wow!"

Kevin Diepenbrock got into a motorcycle accident while riding with his best friend near the Tennessee-North Carolina border.  The two men were riding down an insane stretch of road named "The Dragon." Phillip Polito, Diepenbrock's friend, braked suddenly and was rear-ended by Diepenbrock.  They both then fell down a large embankment.  Polito was the less fortunate of the two and unfortunately passed away before help could arrive. Diepenbrock fell between 50 and 100 feet down and survived, laying in the same spot for MORE THAN A DAY!  Wow.

During his time spent just laying on his back with numerous broken bones, Deipenbrock tried desperately to call/text/Facebook message for help, but to no avail.  So he eventually pulled out his phone and recorded goodbye messages to his loved ones. Luckily, he pulled through.

Diepenbrock suffered two punctured lungs, twelve broken ribs and hairline fractures on his spine.  He was finally rescued and one his messages to everyone was was to make sure that you let everyone close to you know that you love them, because you never know when your time will come.

Check out the news story, as well as Diepenbrock's goodbye messages to his loved ones below!

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