Firefighters from the Scott Fire Department were called out just after midnight today to douse a fire that started in a kitchen. The fire was located inside the kitchen of a home in the 100 block of Appaloosa Street.

Scott Fire Chief Chad Sonnier says that when they got to the scene, a woman was standing in the front yard of the home as they saw heavy smoking coming from a front window of her home.

As they started to battle the blaze they found it was mostly centered within the kitchen. The owner of the home said that the smoke detectors in her home started to go off as she was using a pressure cooker. Apparently, the thing malfunctioned and started the fire.

The woman was able to get out of the home and call for help.

While the kitchen was moderately damaged by the fire, the rest of the home ended up with some minor smoke damage.

No one was injured due to the fire, and neighbors were able to help the woman. The firefighters helped the woman get her belongings, and her neighbors took her to a local hotel.

Sonnier says that in addition to the Scott Fire Department, one engine from the Lafayette Fire Department did come out to the scene to help with the fire.

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