Downtown Lafayette is gaining another tasty option as Lake Charles-based Luna Bar & Grill is set to expand into Lafayette.

According to The Advocate, owner Dave Evans is aiming to open at 533 Jefferson Street in a building that has housed numerous former nightclubs including Prime, V-Bar, and Jules. Luna has been open in downtown Lake Charles since 2004 and their move to Lafayette is part of a strategy to expand with at least two more locations.

I’ve been at it for about 16 years, and we’ve been a top restaurant here for a good while. We’ve kind of earned our stripes. We have a lot of business from Lafayette. The appreciation of culinary, the appreciation of culture, the downtown space – the area is fantastic.

The restaurant describes their vibe as 'Cali-ana'—showcasing a vintage music theme with a diverse menu that their website describes as if "California and Louisiana combined tastes."

Everything is based around the vintage feel and old school vibe. If you were to go to Luna, the majority of the stuff on the wall are show posters. Probably 25 or 30 years of concert posters are hanging on the wall. It’s all my favorite stuff.

Bands like Pearl Jam, Blues Traveler and Smashing Pumpkins are just a few of the names you'll see on the Luna drink menu.

Evans describes himself as "self-taught," due to his upbringing by parents who owned restaurants and exposing him to the industry at an early age. As far as his career in the restaurant business goes, Evans describes it as something that just "seemed like what he was supposed to do."

Personally, I'm excited to see Luna opening in Downtown Lafayette being that it's always a place I enjoy eating when I visit Lake Charles.

Demolition has already Luna is set to open here in Lafayette by next spring.

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