The LSU-Alabama football game this Saturday is considered the game of the year for college football fans. It's the #1 ranked Tigers against the 2nd ranked Crimson Tide.

LSU fans are gearing up for the trip to Tuscaloosa for the Saturday afternoon contest.

Here's the hype video to get you fired up about this monstrosity of a game.

LSU is scoring 46.8 points per game to 48.6 for Bama. The Tigers allow 20 points a game while the Tide holds opponents to just 15 points. The offensive output is pretty close. The Tigers roll up 535 yards per game compared to 506 for Alabama.

The Tigers average 377 yards in the air and 158 on the ground. The Tide is averaging 338 in the air and 168 on the ground.


As far as resume's are concerned, the Tigers have beaten #9 Auburn, #7 Florida and #9 Texas. That's wins over 3 top 10 teams. Alabama can only boast a win over #24 Texas A&M.

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