College kids? Class on Saturday? Is it even possible?

It looks like it will happen as LSU announced it will be holding make-up days on two Saturdays in February to make up for the recent ice days that closed the Baton Rouge campus.

According to The Advocate, a letter sent to students earlier this week said that February 3 and Feb 24 (both Saturdays) will make up for days missed on January 17 and 18.

Courses will be held at the same time and place where they normally occur, unless students are explicitly informed otherwise. Students with conflicts should contact their professors.

The reason for the Saturday classes are to ensure the spring semester requirements when it comes to days of class is fulfilled. The silver lining in the weekend classes is that the make-up days won't affect Spring Break or Mardi Gras.

As you would imagine, some students are torn. Others find it laughable.

LSU administration is also being very flexible when it comes to these weekend make-up days.

in another letter to the faculty, asked the classroom instructors to be flexible if students have a reasonable reason for missing the make-up class, such as standing work requirements or previously planned travel obligations. Faculty can request documentation to confirm.

Would you rather make up days on a Saturday, or go to school on Mardi Gras? How about cutting your Spring Break short?

Tell us how you feel about this in the comments!

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