Former LSU track star Sha'Carri Richardson sprinted to her Olympic debut in electrifying style.

You couldn't get on social media this weekend without seeing Richardson's bright locks flowing in the wind as she absolutely dominated the women's 100-meter semifinals Saturday at the U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials.

At one point, Sha'Carri (pronounced Sha-KERRY) was so far ahead of her competition she pointed at the clock with 30 meters to go in the race.

Richardson was visibly hyped after each race, but an interview with NBC after her first-ever Olympic berth would reveal that her win was an emotional one as she lost her biological mother just last week.

Photo by Patrick Smith, Getty Images

She gave all the credit to her family, who she tracked down in the crowd after her epic win.

My family has kept me grounded. This year has been crazy for me. Going from just last week, losing my biological mother, and I'm still here.

While Richardson has definitely overcome adversity, the young track star wants the world to know that she is definitely "that girl."

She qualified for the Olympics with a time of 10.86 seconds in the 100m.

Photo by Patrick Smith, Getty Images

The spotlight is not unfamiliar territory for Richardson who turned pro after her freshman year at LSU where she scored a 2019 NCAA title. Now, Sha'Carri is looking to take her talents to new heights and become the first American to win gold at the 100 meters since Gail Devers did it back in 1996.

We'll definitely be watching and cheering her on as she represents the U.S.A.

Photo by Patrick Smith, Getty Images

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