After sitting through about 10 minutes of MTV’s newest reality show “Caged” following the lives of aspiring MMA fighters from Shreveport/Bossier, I realized two things.

1. For MMA fighters, these guys sure talk about their feelings a lot.

2. The only reason I was watching was because these guys were from Louisiana.

Louisiana’s takeover of reality TV has been swift and unexpected. What started with History Channel’s hit “Swamp People” has spawned countless well seasoned imitators. On any given night, you can catch Louisiana reality shows like…

-Ragin Cajuns

-Cajun Pawn Stars


-Billy the Exterminator

-Steven Segal: Law Man

-Bayou Billionaire

-Swamp People

And there are more to come.


Don’t want to watch reality shows set in Louisiana? How about reality shows that feature Louisianians as reoccurring characters like…

-Ax Men

-Redneck Wedding

-Real World




America can’t get enough.

Considering the relatively small size of the state’s population, it’s no stretch say Louisiana has more reality shows per capita than any other state. It’s as if having a job and being from Louisiana qualifies you for a TV series. The new trend is undeniable, and there are many Louisiana based reality shows currently in production that should see air in the next few months.

Why has television taken such an interest in Louisiana? There are many reasons. The growing film industry in Louisiana allows for easy access to talented crew members. The low cost of living in the state can help keep bottom line costs low for the networks. The climate allows for year round filming, and finally, people from Louisiana are just more interesting than everyone else.

For the citizens of Louisiana, the new found interest in our state has come as both flattering and disappointing. Many are proud and entertained by the positive values and hard working attitudes on display in many of the shows, while others fear that Louisiana has become a laughing stock. However you personally feel about the depiction of the people of Louisiana on TV, considering the many shows out now and the many shows coming soon, it’s clear that right now at least, Louisiana shows are making the networks money, and as long as that happens, the producers will keep coming back.

So we want to know how you feel. Do you like all the Louisiana based shows on TV? Do you think it’s just a fad that will soon go away? Are the shows a good thing or a bad thing for the state? Let us know how you feel in the comment section at the bottom.

For a more in depth look at the shows currently featuring Louisiana, please check out Cable TV Shows Featuring Louisiana Locations.

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