A school in Baton Rouge has the Alabama Crimson Tide flag flying on campus this week as LSU prepares to play Bama this weekend.

The reason for the flag flying high about the campus, well it's all part of a fundraiser. Here's how it works, as the school raises money the flag slowly begins to lower. Unless Bama fans donate and the flag stays up.

Well, Bama fans got word of the flag flying and the concept of the fundraiser and they too started to donate to the school, in an effort to keep the flag flying.

Luckily, LSU fans outnumbered the Bama donors and the school was able to raise more money than they expected.

Brusly Elementary raised a total of $4,000, which surpassed their goal by $1300.

I love this fundraiser and I hope more schools use this concept in the weeks or years ahead. This is fun and it's very beneficial.

If you'd like to donate to the school CLICK HERE. 

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