There's something about a list. Most of us have a list we don't like to look at but when other people make a list our natural curiosity makes us want to take a peek. On a list of "Sin Cities" across the country you will find a couple of familiar places. New Orleans and Shreveport both made the top ten in's list Sanctuaries and Sin Cities.

Filipe Chacon a spokesman for Trulia says the criterion for the list was based on the seven deadly sins. For the purpose of this survey the sins in question are envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, vanity, and wrath. It's not really a surprise that New Orleans topped the list even over the original sin city Las Vegas.

How did the surveyors arrive at their results? Chacon explained to the Louisiana Radio Network,

For example you look at something like lust. We just took the number of adult entertainment establishments per household and we ranked each city based on that.

In the categories of lust and greed New Orleans ranked really high, especially with the number of casinos per household. That index of casinos per household is also what helped Shreveport earn the 7th position on the overall list.

Okay, it was lust, greed, and sloth that really cemented New Orleans and Shreveport's position in the top ten.

So you look at something like sloth, which is a measure of people who fail to exercise in the period of a month and both cities rank about average on that metric.

The only category where New Orleans scored below average on the Trulia survey was a bit of a surprise.

despite being above average on most of the categories, they were below average on vanity. The number of beauty salons, tanning salons and plastic surgeon offices.

By the way if you're wondering where the other "hell holes" happen to be, the number two sin city was Atlantic City NJ. The third place on the list was occupied by Philadelphia PA. Fourth place on the list was Tampa Florida and the fifth place you're most likely to meet the devil in Walmart was Toledeo Ohio.



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