It's not just cash anymore! Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles is now accepting multiple forms of payment...but not without fees, of course.

The DMV. It's an all too common headache that everyone dreads. Not only does it take FOREVER, but you have to know every little piece of information that you need to bring with you. For me, I could never remember if it was cash only, or no cash at all. It was cash only, by the way.

Now, that's not the case anymore! You can now pay for any fees, or transactions by using cash, credit, debit, or even e-checks. And now for the fee situation.

Presently, there is a convenience fee of $1.25 plus 1% of total charge on all debit and credit card transactions and a flat $1.00 convenience fee on all e-checks.

You're also reminded that many services can be done online at

Do you feel like this makes the DMV headache slightly more bearable?

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