So far this year's number of flu cases for Louisiana is lower than most states. But why?

It's even lower than average for this time of year here in Louisiana. There are several reasons for this happening according the state's leading flu bug expert Dr. Frank Welch.

“Probably because of the warm weather, probably because people have been spending lots of time outside, and probably because school kids are just now getting back in school, we’ve had a relatively slow season,” Welch said.

Other states are seeing more cases of the flu so far this year, so don't expect Louisiana to get out scot-free. Louisiana is forecasted to get colder weather here soon, and that's when the flu cases will pick up in the state.

“The rest of the country tends to shelter indoors when winter starts. In Louisiana we tend not to do that until it gets really cold, like right now, which tends to extend our flu season,” Welch said.

So, how should you go about avoiding the flu? In the usual ways you're told to prevent it, of course.

“The first way to do it is get a flu shot, and the second way to do that are those sort of kindergarten rules- wash your hands, cover your cough, make sure you use a tissue when you sneeze, make sure you dispose of that properly,” Welch said.

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