Louisiana has made it's way to the top of another list. This time it's a good list, not one of those bad lists like obesity, government corruption, and childhood disease. This is the kind of list that gets our state noticed on a major economic scale. Being noticed that way means jobs, high paying steady jobs that support our tax base.

Southern Business Development Magazine recently placed Louisiana at the top of it's list for state with the number of major business projects per capita. Basically that means we've got more major business projects happening here when our population is considered as a factor.

Steven Grissom is the State Economic Development Secretary and he told the Louisiana Radio Network the distinction is a great one for the state to have.

It's a third-party objective view of how Louisiana is performing against other states in the economic development area.

Louisiana easily outdistanced second place Kentucky in the survey. The publication also awarded Lake Charles with the distinction of Small Market of the Year.  The scoring  and subsequent ranking  for this survey was based upon large job creation projects and large capital investment projects.

On the capital investment side, they're looking at projects of $30 million or more in capital investment and on the employment side they're looking for projects that involve jobs of 200 or more.

There is other good news associated with this survey. This now puts Louisiana in the top 10 nationally for business in five different national surveys. This kind of recognition will continue to bring jobs and opportunity for our state and give those of us that love living here some great reasons to stay.

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