Right now, as we speak, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents are breaking the law. The heinous crime those individuals are committing has been happening every weekend when they send their make-believe fantasy football team out on the field to do battle with another pretend team.

Sure, the game is make-believe, but the money that is generated by it is very real. Yesterday the Louisiana Gaming Control Board and the gaming division of the Attorney General's office received approval from key committees in the Louisiana House and Senate that oversee gambling laws to move forward with the regulatory process.

Back in November of 2018 47 parishes in Louisiana voted to allow fantasy sports wagering. The games couldn't legally start until state regulations had been devised, vetted, and approved. Since 2018 lawmakers have agreed on tax rates and how the games will be regulated. Wednesday's vote simply set the more detailed rules for those who want to play and those who want to host fantasy sports wagering.

One of the regulations lawmakers approved was a minimum age of 21. Another is the games may not include participants based on high school or youth sports athletes. Hey, if you're betting on high school games, you have a gambling problem, let's just get that out in the open.

Players will also have to register to participate and there will be extensive auditing and reporting requirements for those who administer such contest.

Another note to remember is that fantasy sports will only be legal in parishes that approved the measure back in 2018. Or, if you happen to be visiting in a parish that approved the measure back in 2018. Basically, if you want to play there is a loophole you can jump through to waste your money, I mean enjoy your time, playing fantasy sports.

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