How bad are the roads in Louisiana? Well, one website claims that we have the second-worst roads in the country! says that Louisiana has really bad roads and the only state with worse roads is the state of South Carolina.

Some of the factors the website took into account for this list were the amount of money spent per mile of road, the number of crash fatalities in the state, the percentage of total capital spending toward roads and a survey of over 1,400 people about roads.

If you're wondering which state has the best roads that would be the state of Wyoming.

I think it goes without saying that when you leave Louisiana you see just how bad our roads are in comparison to other states.  And there's nothing like re-entering our home state from a trip and you feel the immediate impact on your vehicle.

The Top-5 states with the worst roads were: South Carolina, Louisiana, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Delaware.



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