When your reputation is built around food it's not the surprising is it? I guess we can laugh and crack wise at ourselves because fat folks are supposed to be jolly right? Well as much as we might try to dismiss this as part of our heritage obesity is slowly killing our citizens.

A new study from The Trust for America's Health has found that our state leads the nation in adult obesity. Slightly over one-third of our citizens, 36%, are considered to be obese. While this might be a new study the fact that Louisiana holds the title for fatness is no surprise. We've been at the top of the lard bottom for over eight years now.

It’s not new news, but certainly it’s disappointing news, and it speaks to the fact that there are things that need to be done, and we need to start with our kids if we’re ever going to get a handle on this.

Those comments were made to the Louisiana Radio Networks by Bob Johannsen with the Louisiana Department of Health.

Johannsen suggested in his comments that if the state was going to reverse the trend of unhealthy obesity among adults we are going to have to start with our children. As of right now we really aren't serving our future generations interests at all.

You combine poor nutrition with lack of exercise and the taking away of physical activities in schools, and this is the outcome one might expect.

Johannsen says better nutrition such as eating more fruits and vegetables and getting regular physical activity for all citizens but especially children could go a long way in curbing this couch potato culture.

If those recommendations are adopted universally, and even if we were to see a return to physical activity in our classrooms, we might begin to make a dent, especially in our young people.

Besides the lack of physical education in schools many experts are blaming computers and computer games for the lack of outside play. Many health authorities agree that one hour of exercise or playtime that includes physical activity is great for kids. It's also a good idea for adults.

You could look at it this way, there are only so many motorized scooters available at the Walmart. If we all need one it's going to make for a horrible shopping experience.


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