Your smartphone is one step closer to controlling your entire life.

Over the years our smartphones have replaced calculators, calendars, phone books, credit cards and soon we may be able to leave our wallets at home altogether. LA Wallet is the digital driver's license app that launched last July. It's a free download, but if you pay the in-app fee of $5.99 you can actually use it for legit identification.

Basically, your cellphone becomes your license, and it's all legit due to a partnership with the Louisiana State Police, the Department of Public Safety, and the OMV. While your identification via the LA Wallet app is recognized and accepted in Louisiana, not everyone is on board with it just yet. The good news is, The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is now accepting your digital driver's license.

According to, "retailers will be required to train employees" before they start taking the digital ID and still have the right to ask for "a physical form of the ID at the time of purchase." This means you can now show the digital version of your driver's license to buy alcohol and tobacco in Louisiana.

We are excited that Louisiana is leading the way on the digital ID. The ATC has promulgated rules to provide guidance for verification of digital ID. Our goal is to allow for statewide use of this new technology and still ensure that retailers can verify identification to avoid alcohol sales to minors.

One step closer to carrying fewer items in my pocket. Did you get your digital driver's license yet?

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