If you feel like you never get enough time in the booth to make your best decisions when you vote, here's some good news.

Tonight (06/01/21) Governor Edwards signed Act 22 (HB 285) which states "voters shall not remain in a voting machine longer than six minutes" KATC reports.

What is Louisiana Act 22 (HB 285)?

Act 22 (HB 285) essentially doubles the current time Louisiana voters have inside the booth from three minutes to six minutes.

What if you go over the new six minute time limit?

From KATC -

If a voter fails to leave a voting machine after a commissioner notifies him that six minutes have elapsed, the commissioners shall order the voter to complete voting and leave the voting machine.


That being said, if a voter is having an issue finishing the ballot in six minutes due to it's complexity or the amount of amendments, additional time can be granted.

What do you think? Is more time in the voting booth a good thing?

Read more at KATC.com.

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