What is a "New Iberia Haircut"? A "New Iberia Haircut" is what some refer to as the "Ceaser". Slick down bangs, cut short on the sides and back. it is said that a guy working offshore, was bored, made a video called "New Iberia Haircut" that showed men sporting a haircut that was popular in Iberia Parish back in the early 2000s.

Original Version of "New Iberia Haircut"

About a year ago Louis Michot from the Lost Bayou Ramblers band, who ended up performing the song to live audiences around Louisiana, says they have tried to find the guy in the original video but have never been able to.

There's a viral video called "The New Iberia Haircut" and I think it was some dude workin' offshore and he was bored (Michot sings the line New Iberia Haircut)  and that's where we got it from. Louis Michot of the Lost Bayou Ramblers

Michot goes on to explain how the band has been looking for the guy who sings in the video.

I've asked around, If anyone knows who wrote that song, please let us know because we can't find the original writer. -Louis Michot of the Lost Bayou Ramblers


Louis Michot Explains "New Iberia Haircut"

The "New Iberia Haircut" morphed into not just a song and video but became a haircut style that everyone in New Iberia had to have before going out in Lafayette, La., a larger city about 30 minutes north of New Iberia.

The New Iberia Haircut Boyz Version of "New Iberia Haircut"

From the album "Because You're A Woman. This is our cover song by a man known only to us as Neogeon. We heard-tell that this song got him beaten up by a bunch of dudes with New Iberia Haircuts from one of his classes. We are posting this to let him and the world know that we are on his side and it will take a lot more than a gang of New Iberia Haircuts to take all of us down! -RotMT

The RotMT Version of "New Iberia Haircut"

Fictitious Origin of "New Iberia Haircut"

"New Iberia Haircut" Looped Over and Over for 10 Full Hours

If you rock. a Caesar haircut, you are in good company.

Celebrities Who Rock a Caesar Haircut


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Liam Hemsworth

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Neil Patrick Harris

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Zac Efron

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The New Iberia Caesar haircut is one that should be worn proudly. It's classy almost 20 years after the song was introduced.

Lost Bayou Ramblers "New Iberia Haircut" live

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