We already know flying is an expensive undertaking, but there's a ton of frustration that takes place before you even get on the plane.

This video (NSFW due to some strong language) of an astoundingly long security line at Chicago's Midway Airport on Thursday has gone viral and shed some new light on the problems travelers are likely to face this summer as a combination of factors, including the TSA losing employees, are expected to make the lines longer than normal.

The clip popped up on Reddit where it generated some discussion.

It's pretty remarkable that this line was as long as it was. While the line eventually returned to a normal and manageable length, it's worth noting that this development took place midweek in May. It makes you wonder what the line will look like come Thanksgiving if the problems plaguing the TSA are not addressed.

We should also remember this took place in Chicago, a major hub for air travel. Other airports may not experience such a drastic scene, but it's possible it could be bad.

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