What if it was your kid?

Mothers around Acadiana are putting themselves in the shoes of a concerned mom who shared the scariest day of her life in a social media post. The mother and her son detail the first day of kindergarten that started with a mix-up in attendance and led to her young child being missing at the end of the school day.

Facebook via Ashley April Hebert

An absolute nightmare situation for any parent is when their child is missing from school. Back-to-school time can be especially stressful for parents of young children who are getting into new routines. Thankfully, one Acadiana area mom had gone through all of the rules for staying safe at school with her son before his first day of kindergarten.

Unfortunately, the day did not unfold as planned and when the mom arrived at school to pick up her son in the car-rider line - the boy was nowhere to be found.

See the Facebook post from Ashley April Hebert below with her story as well as a video of her son, Wyatt, speaking on his experience during his first day of kindergarten.

At the time this was written, Hebert's post had over 150 comments and over 460 shares. This story was clearly resonating with Acadiana area parents.

One commenter was curious as to the boy's side of the story, which is when Hebert posted a video of young Wyatt explaining everything from his own perspective.

In the video, Wyatt was able to say his full name clearly and reiterate all of the rules his mom had laid out before his first day. He is clearly very smart and recollected everything about the experience, noting that teachers called him by the wrong name at school.

He even said that he had a pretty good day outside of the mishap. We could all learn a little lesson in optimism from Mr. Wyatt.

Of course, the boy's grandmother was concerned by the entire situation. She voiced her opinion in the comment section as well.

Others on Facebook commiserated and Wyatt's Grandmother made it clear how she felt about the incident.

Other moms were happy to lend their tips for school safety to the concerned Mother. Hebert cleared up come things in the comments, explaining how due to the current circumstances there was no meet-and-greet prior to the first day of school.

Hebert reiterated her plans to set-up a meeting with the school board and school as soon as possible.

Mostly, there were concerned moms from all around Acadiana that offered advice, tips, and general concern for the Hebert family's experience after their first unfortunate day of school.

More and more concerned parents have and will continue to weigh in on Hebert's story, as so many kids around Acadiana go back to school. There were plenty of words of advice and concern flooding the comment section, which goes to show how much moms around Acadiana care for one another.

I am glad that Wyatt made it home safe after a crazy day to his loving Mother, who had an even crazier day.

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