It's almost Halloween, so it's time to start getting your costume together. The person with the most creative ideas is the one who wins Halloween. One local man, Spaine Elder is that person already. He's used his incredible sense of humor and Photoshop skills to create these "2016 Cajun Halloween Costumes" and they're amazing.

I've known Spaine for quite a while, and he's just one of those insanely creative people whose brain never stops working. He has the knack to make just about anything local.

Below you'll find a meme he created and put on his Facebook page showing hilarious "Cajun Halloween Costumes". Rob Perillo, Wayne Toups,'ll find it all represented in true Cajun fashion below.

Well done Spaine, once usual.


Courtesy of Spaine Elder via Facebook.
Courtesy of Spaine Elder via Facebook.

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