The three pillars of human health was coined by Dr. Kevin after 22 years of his research in why people lose their health and develop chronic disease. Dr. Kevin's Wellness Clinic in Lafayette, LA provides a wide variety of health and wellness services. Our wellness center relies on functional medicine and state-of-the-art technology to treat patients that are suffering with ailments ranging from lower back pain to autoimmune disorders. We work to find the root cause of the illness to develop a targeted treatment plan. Come by our clinic to find out how to boost your structural, nutritional, and organ health.

You can have perfect organs and a healthy inside but if you lose your ability to get around and perform your daily activities from a structural problem, you cannot be healthy. When you come by for your initial appointment, we'll focus on finding the underlying cause of your pain using state-of-the-art technology. Whether you're suffering from intense foot aches or relentless back pain, Dr. Kevin will personally develop a plan of action to help address the root cause.

You can have a perfect structure but if you develop a chronic disease, like diabetes or thyroid problems, you cannot be healthy. When we see a patient with chronic disease such as diabetes or thyroid problems, we begin with a very simple question: "Why are the cells malfunctioning and is there anything we can do to get the cells and tissues working better?"

Your cells are genetically programmed to perform their designed function, a stomach cell makes acid, a nerve cell transmits, a skin cell protects, a muscle cell contracts, etc. When they aren't doing their designed function, you will eventually develop a disease.

If you are too heavy, you will eventually develop a structural problem, organ problem, or worse, both. Our unique way of addressing weight loss is unlike anything else out there. Between unhealthy crash diets and unrealistic workout plans, losing weight can feel like an uphill battle.

Here's the truth, your body has real reasons it is signaling weight storage. It is very difficult to lose weight against the constant signaling to gain weight that most Americans have going on inside their body. If we can stop these signals first, then weight loss doesn't have to be this hard.