Model Liz Avery provided some very interesting poses, and information, in her latest interview and spread for Men’s Fitness.

Avery spilled her guts on interesting details about herself, what she looks for a guy, what she likes to do for fun and even what she likes to do with guys “for fun.” Is it Yahtzee? Please, Lord, let it be Yahtzee. In fact, the interview might be the definitive guide to scoring with magazine models. Now, if we only knew where they all hung out. Is it a Dunkin Donuts?

For instance, Avery raved about being kissed on the neck and her love of thin guys with body of a “distance runner.” She hates guys who are over the top or “flashy” because she thinks they are trying to compensate for something they feel they are lacking. Avery’s relationship deal breaker is a guy who is a pessimist.

Avery thinks a guy who is into physical fitness is hot, unless he is obsessed with it. She couldn’t date someone that only wanted to work out all the time.

Sadly, we like to err on the side of “never” when it comes to working out.


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