NHL player Brett Connolly made a fan for life.

Connolly, who plays for the Washington Capitals, saw a young girl trying to get his attention. He throws a puck over for her, but the gentleman behind her grabs it, and gives it to the boy on the side of her.

So, Connolly tries again, this time the guy grabs it and gives it to the boy on the other side of her. The next time, he makes it quite obvious who he is throwing it to.

After a couple of attempts, the puck finally makes it over the glass, and she gets it, and the look on her face makes her the happiest hockey fan on Earth!

The announcers might have a point, though, in saying that the guy behind them was probably the dad, and instead of giving it to his daughter first, knowing that was the only one they were going to get if so, he made sure all of his kids got a puck!

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