A little girl left this stuffed animal, a penguin, behind at the scene of an accident this morning in Lafayette.

The accident happened at the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Willow St. The little girl and her family were in a silver SUV during the time of the accident and when our Promotions Director drove up on the accident she assisted with the little girl.

Our Promotions Director put the little girl in her car as other's assisted her family. Well, upon leaving the scene, the little girl left this stuffed penguin behind.

Now, we want to return the stuffed animal to the little girl involved in this accident. However, we need your help in locating the family in the silver SUV.

If you know the family involved in this accident, please let them know that we have the little girl's stuffed animal at Townsquare Media. We are located at 1749 Bertrand Dr. in Lafayette. Our receptionist, who can be reached at 233-6000, has the stuffed animal in our front lobby.

Thanks for helping us locate this little girl. We hope to have this stuffed animal back to her in time for Christmas.

Here's a photo of the vehicle that they were in this morning.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

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