Rock legend Lita Ford has been a professional musician since the age of 16, when she became a part of the Runaways. Having dedicated nearly four decades to the music business, anyone would have a phenomenal stockpile of crazy stories, and Lita Ford told us one of her favorites during an exclusive video interview.

A short while ago, we posted a clip of Lita Ford regaling us with a tale of how Ozzy Osbourne nearly ruined her family's Easter dinner. This next story involves an Osbourne, as well -- Sharon Osbourne. Shortly before the classic 'Lita' album was released, Ford found herself desiring a female manager. This is only the beginning of Lita's story, which later involves a man being launched from Ford's car and its hilarious aftermath.

Check out this exclusive video with Lita Ford above! The female icon's latest studio album, 'Living Like a Runaway,' is now available for purchase. She is also about to release a live album, 'The Bitch is Back ... Live,' on Nov. 5. To pre-order that record, click here.

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