Congrats are in order once again for Linkin Park. The band’s fifth album ‘Living Things’ has landed atop the Billboard Top 200 chart. That’s quite a Fourth of July present for the group.

But wait, there’s even more good news. According to a statement from the band’s publicist, ‘Living Things’ is the band’s fourth consecutive album to cruise into the No. 1 slot. That’s no small feat and quite an accomplishment for Linkin Park. It’s also proof that the band has impenetrable staying power and they’ve outlasted so many of their peers because they continue to make quality albums and experiment with layers in their sound.

That’s still not all. The album also debuted in the No. 1 position in the U.K., Germany and Japan. You know what that means? ‘Living Things’ is a global smash.

The album sold over 223,000 copies to nab the land atop the leaderboard, narrowly edging out pop rockers Maroon 5, who landed at No. 2 with just over 222,000 copies sold. It was an extremely close race, but Linkin Park pulled ahead to nab the crown.

Let’s hope Chester Bennington and co. spend Independence Day celebrating the fact that they are once again No. 1 atop the sales charts.

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