Anyone who’s kept up with Linkin Park over the years knows Chester Bennington‘s knack for getting injured. The singer has had more freak injuries over the years than you can imagine, so the group had a few concerns when their new stage setup was introduced prior to the Honda Civic Tour.

In Linkin Park’s latest behind-the-scenes video, they get their first close-up look at how the pyro for their stage setup will play out and are given the advance warning of what songs and when the pryo will be used. Still, the band test out the stage during soundcheck and Bennington’s wandering around the panels leads him to quicken his step to avoid a pending fireball.

Bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell smiles with relief and states, “Did you catch that? That’s why we practice these things. If anyone’s gonna get lit on fire, it’s gonna be Chester.”

The clip also takes the viewer to the opening night meet-and-greet, a pre-show meeting, a sped-up look at their stage load-in, and eventually a little bit of the band’s point of view from performing onstage. Check out the clip below.

In related news, Linkin Park are putting up tickets on the auction block for a number of their upcoming shows, with the proceeds going to their Music for Relief foundation. Get in on the bidding here.

Watch Linkin Park’s Honda Civic Tour Preparation Video

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