If you're hoping to get lucky, just make sure your date doesn't find out you like Nickelback, cause it'll cost you sex! According to a recent study, Nickelback is the number one passion killer. Even ahead of some others like...

According to Rock News Desk:


The arena pop-rockers have been named the number-one passion killers in music, ahead of Coldplay, U2 and Creed plus a stack of chart-fodder outfits.

The information was revealed by users of Tastebuds.fm, a website which matches single people according to their musical preferences.

In the survey, over 13% of people said you’d end the night alone if they were to find Chad Kroeger and co on your MP3 player. Women were slightly more likely to be turned off than men, with 14% of females naming the Canadians versus 11.8% of males.

The article further reveals

And they’d actually be LESS turned off if you were into Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.

So 1 in 8 people will pass on sexifiyin you if they find out you like Nickelback. Keep that stuff to yoself!

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