Japanese arcade patrons will get to partake in some zombie survival action when Left 4 Dead: Survivors is released.

According to CVG, Valve and Taito have teamed up to release the next Left 4 Dead title for Japanese arcades. This next iteration of Left 4 Dead will be called Left 4 Dead: Survivors and is "coming soon."

A teaser trailer, shown above, was released for the project, featuring a host of actors in zombie makeup running amok in Japan and terrorizing people with their general undeath. At the end of the teaser, we see a lone zombie in the middle of an empty arcade, playing a game. A logo for "Project Z" appears onscreen, which is the game's previous working title.

There are no other details for this title other than that it's a Left 4 Dead game which will be released in Japanese arcades, but we'll update you if any more info is revealed, especially if news of a North American release crops up.

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