Surveillance video footage of a police officer wrestling a 14-year-old Brusly Middle School student last month has been leaked in the midst of a Louisiana State Police investigation.

The footage shows former Brusly Police Officer Anthony "Kip" Dupre, who at the time had just recently become the school resource officer, wrestling with the student in the school's office and twice slamming him to the ground. School office staff watched on with shock at the event that took place October 5.

A police official in Brusly later claimed that the student had reached for the officer's pistol during the struggle. And you can see in the video Dupre handing his holstered weapon to a school staff member to get it out of the way during the scuffle.

WAFB television in Baton Rouge was sent the footage by an anonymous source and aired it.

As you can see in the video, Dupre calls for backup at some point in the melee, and a second officer comes in to help. That officer, Dan Cipriano, eventually gets the student in handcuffs and escorts him out of the office.

Things started as the student was trying to make a phone call to be picked up after getting into an argument with the vice principal. It's unclear as to what was said that triggered the need for physical intervention, as the footage did not include audio.

Brusly Police Chief Jonathan Lefeaux and his officers obtained the school surveillance video October 8 and once he saw it, decided to turn it over to Louisiana State Police for investigation.

"Once I seen the video, I said 'Oh, Lord,' know, so that's when I called them to look at it," Lefeaux said.

While the investigation is nearing completion, the District Attorney's Office in that area plans to bring the incident before a West Baton Rouge Parish grand jury no matter what the State Police investigation finds.

Lefeaux said he asked for each officer's resignation because he believes that due to the nature of the incident it would have been hard for them to continue to work in the community.

Both men were initially placed on paid leave last month but resigned last week.

Lefeaux also said he did not know the status of the student at the school.




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