A bar in New Orleans is under some heat right now after a photo of a large crowd made it’s rounds on social media. Not only was the crowd large, but the majority of the crowd was maskless. Monkey Hill Bar hosted an event on Saturday and managers are saying it got out of hand, according to WWL-TV.

Monkey Hill Bar management said that the event was only supposed to host 40 guests for a private party per city Covid-19 safety guidelines of 25% capacity, but the crowd size quickly grew larger. They also said that since they only expected a small gathering they weren’t prepared with enough staff to minimize the crowd. They only had one manager, a bartender, and a bar back.

Saturday night was unfortunate and while we do not run from our obligation as a business operating in the City of New Orleans, we have taken this very seriously and are putting in more stringent policies and procedures to ensure that this does not happen again at Monkey Hill Bar. – Monkey Hill Bar Management

Monkey Hill Bar Facebook
Monkey Hill Bar Facebook

Many are upset and the bar is catching a lot of heat. One of the comments made was, "So while my shop is out here limiting visitors to *FOUR MASKED CUSTOMERS AT A TIME, my Magazine Street neighbor MONKEY HILL BAR looks like this last night," one business owner said while sharing the photo. "Please see this and know that they don't care about you, your health, your family's health, or our community."

According to WWL-TV, a written warning from Code Enforcement was issued to the bar. The bar is located at 6100 Magazine Street.

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