A local artist has reached #3 on the iTunes charts, and is hoping that fans can help send him to #1.

Lane Mack, Lafayette-area native and current Team Miley contestant on NBC's "The Voice" is shooting up the Blues Chart on iTunes with his version of "Every Day I Have The Blues". Currently at the #3 position, Lane is hoping that, with your help, he'll reach #1!

lane mack
Lane Mack via facebook

We received the following email from Lane about helping get his song to top the chart:

My song is sitting at 7 (now at #3) on the iTunes blues charts right now. I'd be extremely grateful if you could share it and help give me an extra push to try and get number 1. I sat at number 2 when my album was up there and I'm looking for redemption! Much love.

Lane performed "Every Day I Have The Blues" and impressed Miley Cyrus enough to get her to turn around!

If you notice the names around Lane's on the chart, you'll see that he is in good company: Joe Bonamassa and Etta James!


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