After a show in San Antonio early Sunday morning, Lake Charles metal band Viridian had a crazy, scary experience as two of the band members were robbed at gunpoint when they were loading their gear in their trailer around 1:45am.

According to the band, a gunman approached the van where guitarists Curtis Elliott and Derek Meaux where told to get in the van and drive. During the carjacking, Curtis and Derek were able to distract the gunman by crashing the vehicle into a pole. The gunman then escaped by foot and remains at-large.

Here is the official statement from Viridian after the incident:

Please keep us in your thoughts. Curtis and Derek were robbed at gunpoint after our show in San Antonio. The thief put a gun to their heads and told them to drive. They made off with the vehicle, trailer, and all of our equipment. Derek and Curtis managed to crash the vehicle to distract the gunman and wrestle the gun away. We are currently trying to assess the situation. Thanks to the heroic actions of Derek and Curtis, we will keep you updated.

Are thoughts are with the guys in Viridian and glad they they are okay.

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