Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are very powerful when it comes to spreading news, and one family needs your help in doing just that. A Lafayette woman is missing, and is believed to be kidnapped.

Cassandra Dejean, 25, is a Lafayette, Louisiana woman that has been missing for a few days. Her mother, Rhonda Linger, posted Dejean's photograph on Faecbook, with a plea to the community:

This is my daughter Cassandra Dejean. She is 25 years old. She is from Lafayette Louisiana. The police are working on trying to find her. It's a great possibility that's she's been kidnapped. Please share this post with everyone you can. She is my daughter and I love her very much. If anyone knows where she is please call the Lafayette Police Department in Louisiana and talk to Corp Porter.

Facebook/Rhonda Wilson Linger

Share this post, and if you know anything about her disappearance or whereabouts, you are urged to call the Lafayette Police Department at 291-8600 or 911.

(Facebook/Rhonda Wilson Linger)